Shiniki NFT collection - a series of 7,777 NFT items originally inspired by our expertise in multiculturalism, marks our first entry into the NFT space. This NFT collection is a delicate mixture between the exquisiteness of Japanese Anime art style and mystical Western folk elements. We tell the story of how the Gods of all beings have created Shiniki, or "Land of the Gods", along with a series of untold tales, hidden in every chapter throughout the infinite chronicle.
1. What makes this NFT collection unique?
2. Who is the team behind this? Is this project doxxed?
3. When is the minting date? And what is the difference between Whitelist round and Public round?
4. What's next according to your roadmap?
5. What is Shiniki Marketplace? How is it related to the NFT collection?
6. Where will the NFTs be sold on?
7. What is the Dispatching function of Shiniki and how do we Dispatch?